Randall Scott Jewelry

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Randall Scott Design

     Randall Scott is a licensed Boise, ID gold buyer. Randall was a Co-owner of M and M Jewelers in Boise, ID for the last 14 years and has now branched out on his own as a custom jewelry designer and gold buying expert.

 Randall Scott Jewelry Specializes in custom wedding ring design, Diamond Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry and jewelry repair. We also offer a wide selection of jewelry from other designers on a special order basis which helps keep pricing very competitive. Randall Scott Jewelry offers a unique experience in an appointment only downtown setting. We pay cash for gold in Boise Idaho and cash for silver jewelry. Randall's family has been in the jewelry industry for over 37 years. Randall is GIA certified in diamond grading. 

 Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience in a low pressure setting. We want to help you design the perfect piece of jewelry to hand down for generations. At Randall Scott we strive for excellence and value at the same time. Call us for an appointment today. 

Custom Jewelry, Cash for Gold